All Terrain Mobility Scooters

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Pride Pathrider Endurance Li All-Terrain Mobility Scooter
Pride Celebrity MFP All-Terrain Mobility Scooter
Pride Baja Bandit All-Terrain Travel Scooter
Heartway All Terrain Scooters Heartway Vita S12X Monster All-Terrain Mobility Scooter
Pride Urban Mobility Scooter Pride Pathfinder 140 XL Gold Mobility Scooter
Pride Urban Mobility Scooter Pride Pathfinder 140 XL Red Mobility Scooter
Pride Urban Mobility Scooter Silver Pride 140 XL Pathrider Silver Mobility Scooter
Pride All Terrain Scooters Pride Outback Mobility Scooter

Our all-terrain mobility scooters are perfect for the driver that wants to do a little more than just drive on the pavement. Great for taking to the park, golf, walking trails, or the grandkids to the playground. They also offer the longest travel range – some of our scooters can travel up to 50 km on a single charge!

Featuring both a comfortable padded swivel captain’s seat with flip-up armrests, as well as suspension systems to keep your ride smooth, these scooters offer unparalleled convenience with their hard-wearing pneumatic tyres.

If you’re looking for reliable all-terrain performance, look no further than our selection. Check out the range today.

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Our Off-road Mobility Scooters

Our off-road mobility scooters are designed to provide unparalleled versatility and manoeuvrability in virtually any situation. Equipped with all-terrain tyres, off-road suspension, advanced waterproofing, and anti-corrosion materials, these modern off-road scooters provide a whole new level of safety and comfort over traditional models.

Thanks to larger wheels as well as a forward-tilting seat that allows greater cornering stability, off-road mobility scooters can handle rougher terrain with ease. Finally, a padded armrest and adjustable seat ensure maximum comfort while you race through nature or through the city.

Benefits of Our All-Terrain Mobility Scooters

We have a comprehensive selection of off-road mobility scooters for adults in our range to choose from. With their highly durable construction, these offer exceptional stability and off-road capability to enable users to tackle a variety of terrain with ease.

Each off-road model we offer is designed specifically to withstand greater bumps and jolts than standard models. This makes them ideal for off-road use, as they provide increased safety, mobility and peace of mind on even the toughest terrains.

With features such as knobby tyres, operated direct drive systems, shocks, and ergonomically designed seating, our off-road models will give you the confidence that your adventures off-the-beaten-path are not only possible but safe to boot. We also have a range of urban and travel motorised scooters.

How to Use Off-road Mobility Scooters in Outdoor Environments

We recommend performing quick maintenance checks before use – ensuring that all components are in good condition,- and batteries are fully charged. During the journey, users should remain alert of their surroundings at all times: watching out for pedestrian and vehicle traffic, uneven terrain, and any unexpected obstacles.

Regular breaks should be taken to relieve fatigue and let other road users pass by safely. Consider equipping yourself with reflective clothing as dusk approaches and never venture too far outside your comfort zone – it is always best to remain within sight of familiar landmarks.

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