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12 Month Warranty

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Free Gift Pack

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Price Match Policy

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Mobility Scooters Direct NZ | Buy Direct from Us and Save

Riding a mobility scooter keeps you feeling alive. All your senses are alert, and you are always expecting something new to happen.

Being out and about in new situations, meeting new people, and experiencing new environments are beautiful. What a thrill to not have to rely on anyone and get out and discover whatever you want to. If you open up to the experience, you will learn not just a new skill, but also about yourself.

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Buying one of our scooters will mean you get the best quality without any middlemen costs. We understand mobility needs, and with years of experience selling mobility scooters in NZ, we’re the number one source to find the solution that is right for you.

All our motorised scooters are selected with safety and easy manoeuvrability in mind while still meeting industry standards. With us, you can be certain that you are getting a high-quality scooter at the most affordable rate possible. Buy direct from us today and enjoy great savings.

Why Choose Mobility Scooters in NZ for Transport and Freedom

A motorised scooter lets you take control of life and explore your surroundings. Our mobility scooters in NZ are user-friendly and allow anyone, young or old, to move about with independence and ease – no longer reliant on others.

When you buy a mobility scooter for sale, it can open up new opportunities and help you master a new skill. So why not give it a go? Experience life differently, open yourself to the surprises each journey brings and get ready to be inspired.

Book a Home Demonstration with Our Motorised Scooters

Interested to buy one of our motorised scooters for sale? Ask us for an at-home demonstration today. We have a team of friendly, experienced specialists who will come out to your home and show you how to use our scooters.

Our experts have a working knowledge of disability scooters and offer all the advice you need for disability scooter selection and usage. They can provide detailed information about our full range of options, such as our 4-wheel disability scooters for sale.

Book a demonstration now and get the support you need in your disability scooter purchase.

Nathan Riley Founder and CEO

Meet Nathan Riley,  Founder & CEO

Everything I do is about making your life easier. My philosophy is simple; I want everyone to improve their health and quality of life and take pride in their everyday achievements, no matter how small.  We pride ourselves on being practical, flexible, and honest. We keep our prices low and only stock the best mobility scooters.  Feel the wind in your hair and live every day to the full; there is a whole world of new experiences waiting for you; regain your independence on a Pride or Heartway Mobility Scooter from Mobility Scooters Direct NZ.

Want Finance?

12 Months Interest Free*

Minimum spend $250, credit lending criteria apply, fees and conditions apply. Up to 60 months to pay.  First 12 months of each application interest free.

Pride Sport Rider Mobility Scooter

Pride Sport Rider

Dare to be Different
Pride Pathrider 130 XL Mobility Scooter

Pride Pathfinder 130 XL

Pride Pathrider 140 XL Mobility Scooter

Pride Pathfinder 140 XL

Our Favourite
Pride Outback Mobility Scooter

Pride Outback

The Ultimate
A Few More Products

Let us take care of everything so you or a loved one can confidently get out there again and regain independence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mobility Scooter?

Mobility scooters are electric disability scooters that are designed to help people who have difficulty walking or standing to do so in an independent, safe, and comfortable way. Our elderly mobility scooters for sale are especially popular, providing users with the freedom to move around outdoors without compromising their safety, autonomy, and independence so you can access shops, parks, and other public spaces.

Popular types of electric disability scooters include powered wheelchairs, lightweight electric wheelchairs, electric stand-up scooters, and three or four-wheeled electric mobility scooters that run on battery power. Each of these comes with different features to suit specific needs.

Are Mobility Scooters in NZ Safe?

Today's motorised scooters have updated controls and safety features including upgraded motor technology, steerable wheel handles, and padded seating – allowing users to enjoy a safe, enjoyable ride. With a motorised scooter, elderly individuals can feel secure in their ability to move around freely.

Can You Access All Public Transport on Your Disability Scooter?

Wheelchairs, some mobility scooters, and larger-style pushchairs are permitted on buses in certain situations. To ensure appropriate safety measures are met, these items must adhere to a specific set of restrictions; length cannot exceed 1200mm, the width must not exceed 700mm and the combined weight (of wheelchair and user) should stay under 300kg.

Disability scooters and wheelchairs can be safely transported on the Auckland rail network – however, there are certain restrictions in place to ensure that these transit journeys can be undertaken in the most secure manner possible.

To be allowed on board a train, a disability scooter or wheelchair must adhere to the maximum specifications of 1350mm in length, 650mm in width, and a weight of 300kg (200kg for diesel trains operating between Papakura and Pukekohe). These dimensions are necessary for safe access, given the requirements of the loading ramp.

Do You Need a Licence to Use Motorised Scooters in NZ?

Motorised scooters for adults do not require a driver’s licence to operate, nor is a warrant of fitness or registration required. However, there are certain regulations as to where motorised scooters can be used.

On the road, riders must stay close to the edge of the roadway; while on the footpath they should ride with caution and respect others while ensuring they don’t ride too quickly, endangering other footpath users. Safety should always be a priority when using motorised scooters to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for everyone.

How Fast Can a Motorised Scooter Go?

Considering their growing presence on the roads, it’s important to set rules on speed and age for those using these scooters – for both the safety of the rider and everyone else sharing the road.

According to regulations, there is a maximum speed limit of 10km/h, and riders must be a minimum age of 14 years. This can help to keep everyone safe on the roads.

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