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 You have the peace of mind that we take care of every aspect of your purchase. Your new scooter is delivered fully assembled, and has passed our 100-point safety check.

Our Story

A Message From Our Founder

Mobility Scooters Direct NZ is dedicated to my Mother. Watching her struggle and slowly lose her independence as her mobility decreased and having learned the hard way that not all mobility scooters are created equal and that not all mobility scooter sellers had your best interests at heart.

I was determined to create a different experience, so in July 2020, I began Mobility Scooters Direct NZ. I am proud to provide you with a no-pressure environment where you can find everything you need to know about your prospective purchase from the comfort of your home. We only sell the best mobility scooters and have thoroughly tested each one as suitable for New Zealand's unique conditions.

You have the peace of mind that we take care of every aspect of your purchase. Your new mobility scooter is delivered fully assembled and has passed our 100-point safety check.

Let us take care of everything so you or a loved one can confidently get out there again and regain independence.

Nathan Riley
Founder & CEO

Mobility Scooters Direct NZ Story


We're one of a kind in the world of mobility scooters because we recognize that you are an individual too. Everyone has different lifestyles, needs, and levels of mobility. What works for you might not work for somebody else. We aim to ensure that everybody who needs a mobility scooter gets one. But most importantly, you get the one that works best for you.

We'll do this by continually creating our comprehensive catalog of unique NZ-focused content on our website in a language you can understand that makes sense to you. We ensure you can relate to how you would use each scooter in your everyday life. We make sure our prices stay unbeatable. Complement that with our first-in-class customer service whenever you need us. We believe we are the perfect solution.

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