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Pride Travel Mobility Scooters True Blue Pride Revo Travel Mobility Scooter
Heartway Travel Mobility Scooters Heartway Easy Move S12F Folding Travel Scooter Red
Heartway Travel Mobility Scooters Heartway Easy Move S12F Folding Travel Scooter Blue
Heartway Travel Mobility Scooters Heartway Easy Move S12F Folding Travel Scooter Titanium
Pride Folding Pride Quest Travel Mobility Scooter
Pride Portable Pride GoGo Mobility Scooter

We have a vast selection of fold-up travel scooters to choose from, designed to make life easier for those with impaired mobility. Perfect to take shopping, on holiday, or a fun day out. These state-of-the-art designs are lightweight, highly portable, and feature narrow frames to ensure maximum agility and user control.

With their foldable design, our mobility travel scooters can be quickly taken apart for easy storage and transportation in your car boot. They’re agile and easy to control, making them ideal for navigating busy malls, city centres, and supermarkets with confidence. Take a look through our range today.

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Why Choose Our Fold-up Mobility Scooters in NZ?

It is easy to see why so many people are choosing our fold-up mobility scooters in NZ. They offer a lightweight, affordable travel option that can be easily folded and stored away in the trunk of your car or taken on public transportation.

Our models can also be adjusted for varying heights and individualised for comfort thanks to the adjustable armrests and footplates, making them ideal for any person.

Discover Our Travel-Lite Mobility Scooters

Built with portability and durability in mind, our travel-lite scooters offer an easy solution for people who want to travel without compromising their mobility.

Our travel mobility scooters provide the utmost convenience with their collapsible frames and adjustable handlebars. They make it easy and stress-free to navigate crowded spaces.

With all these features combined, the travel lite mobility scooter is a great option if you are looking for an extremely manoeuvrable and portable way to move around.

Our Travel Mobility Scooters for Sale: Convenient Features

Our range of folding disability scooters have features that stand out from the rest. These portable scooters allow you to transport the device quickly and easily from one location to another due to their lightweight, compact size, and portable design.

Furthermore, these disability scooters come complete with features like adjustable armrests, pedals and safety lights. They’re also equipped with safety mechanisms such as adjustable speed control, heightened armrests, secure brakes and shock absorbers – giving users a comfortable and secure ride every time.

Contact Us to Find Our More Today

Our team understands the importance of maximising your freedom for daily travels with folding disability scooters that fit your needs.

We offer a wide range of folding disability scooters that are built to last. Our options include all-terrain and urban solutions, so there is a perfect option for all of your travel and transport needs.

All models meet international standards and are expertly designed for easy operation. So, make the most out of your daily trips with one of our portable disability scooters in NZ today. Contact us for more information on 0800 122 125 or email us at